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Sector Overview

Protectapeel vehicle protection film is used to temporarily protect vehicles from;

• Salt corrosion   • Staining

• Paint Over spray  • Abrasion

• Dust and Dirt       • Scratching 



Protectapeel Products – Vehicle

Protectapeel Vehiclestrip is a temporary peelable protective coating designed to protect non-porous surfaces from damage caused by; abrasion, staining, spillage, weathering and scratching. The liquid applied coating dries to form a tough waterproof film that will protect surfaces such as; metals, GRP and stoved paints for up to 6 months. DO NOT USE ON ACRYLIC SURFACES.

Protectapeel Multisurface is a peelable protective coating designed for internal use on most non-porous surfaces. Protectapeel Multisurface protects against damage such as scratches, surface abrasion, staining, spillages and paint for up to 12 months. Protectapeel Multisurface can be made waterproof by using Protectapeel 1090 Top Coat. Protectapeel Multisurface is also available in a High Solids version. 

Protectapeel Boothstrip is a water based, white, peelable protective coating designed to protect walls, floors and working surfaces within a spray booth from overspray and contamination. The white protective coating will withstand temperatures up to 80°C and provides a light reflective surface for better working conditions. Protectapeel Boothstrip can be over-coated several times, then peeled back as part of the spray booth maintenance program.

Protectapeel 1090 Top Coat is designed to be used in conjunction with Protectapeel Multisurface to form a waterproof coating for up to 24 months.