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Glass - Manufacturing                                     

Sector Overview

Glass manufacturers have one major issue to consider - how to protect glass from being damaged during processing, storage, transit, installation and the construction process.  

Traditional methods of protection such as adhesive film supplied on rolls have been used by many glass manufacturing and processing companies. However, these products are often difficult to apply, generally provide short term protection and can be difficult to remove if left on too long.

Spraylat International have listened to industry concerns surrounding glass protection and has formulated both temporary and permanent glass coatings which can be applied in-line using automated equipment. The coating dries instantly to form a tough and durable film that will protect glass for up to 12 months.   

Protectapeel Products - Glass

Protectapeel Hotpeel is an instant cure, (cures within 3-5 seconds) weather resistant, peelable protective glass coating. The product is supplied in pellet form and is heated to 150°C, applied by roller coater to the surface and dries almost instantly. The Hotpeel coating is designed for factory application and provides tough protection during storage transportation and installation.

Protectapeel Photocure is a temporary peelable protective coating designed to protect glass and non-porous surfaces from damage caused by; abrasion, staining, spillage, weathering and scratching. The UV curing coating, which can be applied by spray or roller coater dries instantly to form a tough, waterproof, protective film that will protect surfaces for up to 12 months.