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Protectapeel offers a range of instant cure, weather resistant, peelable protective coating for glass and non-porous substrates. The coatings are suitable for factory application and in-line manufacturing processes, they provides tough protection during storage, transportation and installation against;


 Paint overspray







Protectapeel Products – Factory Manufacturing

Protectapeel Hotpeel is an instant cure, (cures within 3-5 seconds) weather resistant, peelable protective coating for glass and other flat, non-porous surfaces. The product is supplied in pellet form and is heated to 150°C, applied by roller coater to the surface and dries almost instantly. The Hotpeel coating is designed for factory application and provides tough protection during storage transportation and installation. 

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Microwave dryers offer users a far more time efficient, environmentally friendly and economical method of drying water based coatings compared to conventional gas or electric fired ovens. Any type of water based coating can be processed and dried in a microwave oven. 

Microwave dryers are a patented energy efficient process; where savings in excess of 75% have been proven in energy, process time and CO2 emissions, with the innovative use of microwave technology. The introduction of Microwave Dryers into the production process can bring substantial benefits. 

Protectapeel Photocure is a temporary peelable protective coating designed to protect glass and non-porous surfaces from damage caused by; abrasion, staining, spillage, weathering and scratching. The UV curing coating dries instantly to form a tough waterproof film that will protect surfaces for up to 12 months.

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