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“Custom Made” Formulations

Sector Overview

Spraylat International Ltd are world leaders in coatings and peelable coating technology, we have a number of clients for whom we have produced specific, bespoke products to suit their needs. (subject to volume and requirements)

Spraylat International Ltd develops and controls the formulation of all new products in-house, however we do have links to consulting chemists and local universities, such as Northampton University who assist us with specific projects.

If you have a unique project or specific requirements that our current range of coatings doesn’t quite meet, contact us, we might be able to help.

Things to Consider


 What do you expect the coating to do?


 What surfaces are you protecting?


 How long do you want the coating to last for?


 Do you need a permanent coating or peelable coating?


 Do you have an existing formulation or do you require
    one to be formulated?


 What sort of volume do you need?


 What size packaging would you require?