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Sector Overview

Protectapeel aerospace coatingsare used to protect aircraft canopies and transparencies during manufacture, assembly, transport and storage. Protectapeel protective coatings are easily applied by airless spray or roller, when dry the coating forms a skin tight bond with the surface that provides protection from damage such as scratching, abrasion, dust and dirt.  

Protectapeel coatings are non-flammable in their wet state and can be disposed of under the category of “domestic waste” or returned to Spraylat International for recycling, making Protectapeel an environmentally friendly method of protection. 

Protectapeel has been specially formulated to meet Boeing Aircraft specification BMS 10-52.

Aerospace Products

Protectapeel Multisurface is a peelable protective coating designed for internal use on most non-porous surfaces. Protectapeel Multisurface provides temporary protection against damage such as scratches, surface abrasion, staining, spillages and paint for up to 12 months. Protectapeel Multisurface can be made waterproof by using Protectapeel 1090 Top Coat. Protectapeel Multisurface is also available in a High Solids version.

Protectapeel E100 is a water based, temporary peelable coating for protecting and masking cast acrylic and plastic surfaces including aircraft canopies from damage for up to 12 months. 

Protectapeel Boothstrip is a white, temporary, peelable protective coating designed to protect walls, floors and working surfaces within a spray booth from overspray and contamination. The coating will withstand temperatures of up to 80°C.

Protectapeel Floordefend Top-Mat is a weather and skid resistant, temporary protective top-mat, designed for use with Protectapeel products. The Floordefend system will protect virtually all non-porous surfaces including, concrete flooring and metals from damage for up to 9 months externally and can withstand forklift trucks and scaffolding. 

Protectapeel 1090 Top Coat is designed to be used in conjunction with Protectapeel Multisurface, Protectapeel Original, Protectapeel E100 and Protectapeel Floorstrip products to form a waterproof coating for up to 24 months. The coating when used with the listed Protectapeel peelable coatings meets US Mil-C-6799C.