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Q – How do I know if Protectapeel is suitable for use on my surface?
A - Test Area & Test Peel – You must always apply the Protectapeel product to a small area to test the substrate’s suitability. You must ensure that all substrates are covered. Allow the product to dry for 48 hours, and then check that the Protectapeel product will peel away from each substrate.

Q – What Protectapeel product should I use on my surface?
A - The Protectapeel Surface Guide can be used to provide product guidance, however we recommend that you contact us for further advice and that you should always conduct a test area prior to application to test the products suitability.


Q – How is Protectapeel applied?
A – Protectapeel can be applied by either airless spray gun or lambs wool roller. Do not apply by brush.

Q – Do I need to mix the product before use?
A – Yes, you should thoroughly mix the before use.

Q – Do I need to thin the product before use?
A – No you don’t need to thin the product, Protectapeel is pre mixed to the correct consistency.

Q – What sort of spray machine should I use?
A – There are several different types of suitable spray guns on the market. Contact us for assistance and further details.

Q – At what pressure and tip size should I use to spray Protectapeel?
A – We suggest 2,500 psi (150 bar) with a 17thou tip size.

Q – How thick do I need to apply Protectapeel?
A – It differs from product to product. Always consult the product’s TDS and relevant Application Guide.

Q – How do you check that Protectapeel has been applied to the correct thickness?
A – Spraylat International Ltd provides you with a Wet Film Gauge (WFG) to measure the thickness of the coating when wet. See the Wet Film Gauge Guide for instructions on how to use one.

Q – How important is it that I apply Protectapeel at the correct thickness?
A – If you do not achieve the minimum thickness as set out in the products TDS you will have problems removing the coating.

Q - Can Protectapeel be applied in any weather conditions?
A – It should not be applied in the wet or if the temperature is below freezing.

Q – What do use to clean the application equipment?

A – Use cold water to clean the equipment after use.

Q – How long can Protectapeel stay on the surface for?
A – Between 9-12 months, check product TDS for specific information. 

Q – If Protectapeel gets damaged can it be repaired?
A – Yes, simply reseal by applying a second coat over the damaged area. 


Q – How is Protectapeel disposed of?
A – Protectapeel can be condensed in to a small ball and disposed of in domestic waste/landfill. 

Q – Can Protectapeel be removed in cold weather?
A – Do not attempt to remove Protectapeel if the temperature is below freezing. 

More Information

Q – Where can I obtain more information about Protectapeel?
A – For more information contact Spraylat International on +44 (0)1536 408409 or email