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Environmentally Smart


Protectapeel offers you a smart way to protect all your vulnerable surfaces, no matter what size or shape. Protectapeel is liquid applied, by airless spray or roller, you apply it directly to the surfaces that need protecting, no cutting to size, no off cuts, no wastage, just smart protection and all from a water based product. 

Using Protectapeel to protect your vulnerable surfaces helps to; 

• Prevent damage
• Reduce cleaning costs
• Reduce replacements of damaged surfaces

When you protect your surfaces from damage with Protectapeel you are reducing the need to replace damaged surfaces;

• Reduced replacements = Reduced disposal costs
• Reduced replacements = Reduced amount of additional energy, transportation and power used
• Reduced replacements = Reduced carbon footprint

Protectapeel protects your surfaces in one application; there is no need to replace the protection unlike common films and other protection methods that need to be replaced regularly. When required the protective coating is simply removed by hand peeling, it can then be returned to the supplier for recycling or simply disposed of in domestic waste.


Please see our press release regarding the amount of single use plastic thrown away in Britain

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